February 14, 2012

October 13, 2011

Please reach out to all of your loved ones in Brooklyn and make sure they are OK!

News Team:

Segment Creators: Mike Feldman, Nicole Teeny 
Director of Photography: Christine Ng
Music: Kevin Graham
Graphics: Jennifer Kahn


Atlanta Horror Film Festival
Atlanta, Georgia

Bare Bones Film & Music Film Festival
Musagee, OK

Faux Film Festival
Portland, OR 

Zed Fest
Hollywood, CA
*WINNER: Jury Award 

Fargo Fantastic International Film Festival
Fargo, North Dakota

South African Horror Festival
Capetown, South Africa

Buffalo Screams Film Festival
Buffalo, New York 

Special thanks to Doug Sakmann and the NYC Zombie Crawl!


To contact the news team or screen the newsreel please contact us through our facebook page! http://facebook.com/brooklynzombies

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